The Perfect Spring Flowers for Indoor or Outdoor

Spring is synonymous with flowers, so what better way to brighten your home during this cheery season than with some flowers? Whether you want to plant them in a garden or have them in a planter inside, there is no denying that choosing the right flowers is important to the overall look you’re going for.  Here are 5 flowering plants for inside or outside.

Pansies for spring

Pansies -  these are a lovely little flower that can grow indoors our outdoors but does prefer slightly cool weather and lots of light, so best for a sunroom if kept indoors.

Hydrangeas for spring

Hydrangeas - these require more maintenance but can also be kept indoors and the blooms are so full and lovely!

Amaryllis Spring

Amaryllis - These tall beauties require a decent amount of light.  They will bloom for about a month!

Orchid Spring

Orchids - a popular choice for many, these flowers are known to thrive indoors due to their low maintenance requirements

Hibiscus Spring

Hibiscus - these flowers will bloom from spring to fall and the plant can live for several years, so you’ll get multiple seasons!