Simple Maple Syrup How-To

Maple Syrup is synonymous with Canada, and we sure know how to make it fun.  From sugar shacks to maple snow taffy, it’s hard not to love this sweet amber liquid! Here are some fun facts about maple syrup!

maple syrup how to
  1. First you’ll need to identify and tap the trees. There are three types of maple trees that produce the right kind of sap; Sugar Maple, Red Maple, and Black Maple  
  2. Collecting the sap is the most labor intensive part. It takes 40 litres of sap to make 1 litre of maple syrup, so you’ll need a good amount if you want to end up with even a jar of maple syrup!  
    maple syrup tips
  3. Turning sap into syrup takes time. It is filtered into a boiler first, then boiled down continuously for several hours until it reaches a precise temperature.
  4. Once this happens you move the almost-syrup to a smaller boiler and filter it again!  
    maple syrup making
  5. After about another 1-2 hours the transformation from sap to syrup will be complete! You then pour the syrup into clean glass jars and seal tightly.  Flip the jars upside down to create the seal.  
    Maple syrup canada
  6. ENJOY!