Simple Green Curry Recipe

We found this amazing recipe from Dinner Then Dessert, which you can find here!

We modified the recipe slightly which I'll include below.



5 chicken thighs

1/2 of olive oil

1/2 cup of sesame oil

1 cup of snow peas chopped

1 head of broccoli chopped

1 cup of carrots chopped

1 cup of peppers chopped

1 tablespoon of ginger (This is to taste.  If you enjoy ginger add more!)

3 cloves of garlic

green curry paste

1 1/2 cups of coconut milk

1 tablespoon of fish sauce

2 tablespoons of honey

2 teaspoons of lime juice

1 teaspoon of corn starch

2 cups of rice

4 cups of water




  • Start with your rice, cook two cups of rice in 4 cups of water
  • Then cook chicken in the olive and sesame oil blend save about 1/2 to add to vegetable mix.  Once chicken is cooked remove from pan and set aside.
  • Cook chopped vegetables in the pan until vegetables, add in extra oil. Cook lightly cooked, but still crisp.  Remove vegetables and place with chicken.
  • Begin sauce in pan.  Add green curry paste and stir, add coconut milk, stir in fish sauce, add honey, then add lime juice.  Stir together and add in corn starch.
  • Add rice to bowl, and ladle sauce over rice.  Add chicken vegetable mix on top.  Then add more sauce over top.