How to Bring Spring into your Home

It’s spring! The season of new flowers, warm sunshine, and for most people, that means spending more time outdoors.  Spring brings with it feelings of fresh starts, and what better way to start that incorporating some spring right into your home.  Here are 4 easy ways to bring in Spring!

Change up your soft goods - whether it’s throw pillows, a new rug, or seasonal decor, this is a great way to bring a pop of spring colors into your home.  Think florals, pastels, and fun patterns.  Now is the time to go for that bold home accessory!

Planters at the front door - Nothing says spring like fresh flowers.  Whether you prefer hydrangeas, tulips, peonies, or daffodils they’re all a great way to bring color and freshness to the entrance of your home.  You can style them in planters around the entryway, or really commit and plant some around the yard!

Bring the outdoors in - Bring some greenery into your home with a new plant! There are several low maintenance plant options that still allow you to bring nature indoors, or if you’re adventurous go for a mini herb garden.  You can have your own fresh herbs all spring and summer long!

Outdoor Dining - As things warm up it will soon be patio weather!  Nothing says spring like sitting outside for a coffee or meal.  You can do this at home or at your favorite lunch spot, and embrace the spring weather!