Have You Heard of Garden Therapy?

Also known as horticulture therapy, this is the idea that creating a garden or even spending time in a garden can be a form of therapy. 5 reasons to spend more time in and around gardens this spring.  

garden therapy


Sensory Experience - One reason gardens are considered therapeutic is because of the sensory experience; all the colors, textures, and general variety in a garden.

spring garden therapy


Fine Motor Skills - this is especially true for people in rehabilitation from a medical condition; even reaching out for the plants, or a few pulling weeds can help improve this skill.

Horticulture Therapy

Psychological Benefits - There has been research conducted that shows even just viewing nature can have a positive effect on recovery from a surgery, so imagine what it can do for the mental health of a healthy person!

Garden therapy

Physiological Benefits - studies have shown that just being in nature can improve your health including, lower heart and improved blood pressure.

spring garden

Positive Reinforcement - physically gardening can be great for people with PTSD allowing them to nurture and grow the plant to its full potential. 

With all these benefits, will you be planting a garden this spring?