Game Changing Beauty Hack

Did you know there are alternatives to cosmetic enhancements?  The results are definitely more natural to the eye, but for someone who isn’t a fan of needles or injections this can be a beauty game changer! 

Gua Sha is an ancient practice of Traditional Chinese Medicine.  It has recently become very popular because when done consistently it can reduce inflammation, fine lines, and increase blood flow specifically to the face.  All of this combines to have an anti-aging affect on your skin.  

Necessary Tools: a Gua Sha tool is a piece of smooth stone, there are even metal varieties, that has specific angles for certain areas of the face and neck.  To avoid appropriation, here is a video from an acupuncturist on how to best begin Gua Sha into your routine.

She talks about specific products, but even moisturizing your face and then using any facial oil will work as well, the key is to not use it on draw skin to avoid pulling unnecessarily.