5 Free Home Workouts to Get You Moving in 2021 (Minimal Equipment Required)

Trying to find the perfect at home workout can be challenging and even feel like a waste of time when you're halfway through a video and realize your aren't even sweating. But where do you begin if you don't want to commit to a monthly subscription?

This is why we wanted to give you our favourite free at home workouts to help you start your wellness journey in 2021!

Our Top 5 workouts (Minimal equipment required):

5. Deep Restorative Yoga (35 Minutes): Looking for the perfect stretch? This workout is great for opening those tight hips and stretching out your legs. No equipment is required and following along is easy for those new to yoga. The Nike Training Club app is free and if you have a smart watch it can connect directly to the app to follow along.


4. No equipment, no jumping HIIT workout (35 Minutes): This workout is awesome for those wanting modified exercises to reduce the strain placed on their knees. The instructor clearly explains each exercise and encourages you to keep going until the last second.


3. Leg and glute burner (26 Minutes): This is a high intensity leg workout for those at an intermediate level. This workout will isolate leg and glute muscles, overall helping you gain strength. It requires moderate dumbbells or kettlebells, and is available on the Nike Training Club app.


2. HIIT cardio workout (30 Minutes): This high intensity workout requires no equipment to start sweating. For those just starting out their fitness journey, this video also provides modified forms of more intense exercises.


1. Hip-Hop Tabata to Torch Calories (30 Minutes): We wanted to add a little fun to your workout with this follow along dance that will definitely get you sweating! We can attest to that!