5 Tips to Make Spring Cleaning Easier

Spring will be here soon.  I felt it in the air when I stepped outside with the dog the other morning, which means it’s time to begin spring cleaning!  Start with these tips to make the process easier than ever.

5 tips for spring cleaning
  1. Declutter - this will make your home feel tidy before you even begin cleaning.  Start with one small area a day.  Spend 15-30 minutes decluttering, before you know it you’re home will feel spacious and fresh!
  2. Schedule - Create a cleaning schedule so the task becomes less overwhelming.  Commit to whatever feels reasonable and work from there.spring cleaning tips
  3. Steam Clean Stainless Steel - Instead of scrubbing stainless steel fixtures in your home, steam them!  You can wrap a towel over your steamer and it will have your fixtures shining like new in no time.  
    spring cleaning tricks
  4. Lint Brush to Remove Dust - This is an easy hack for lampshades! Simply use the lint brush to roll any dust off of the lampshade.
    spring cleaning hacks
  5. Use a new coffee filter to clean your TV  - TVs are now high tech gadgets in most homes.  So the last thing you want to do is put a fine scratch across your TV! Use a clean coffee filter instead.  It will gently remove fingerprints and dust without ever harming your plasma screen or frame TV!

What’s your favorite spring cleaning hack?