5 Tips to Build Confidence

Did you know that confidence is something you can cultivate? A lot of people think confidence is something you’re born with, but that is not the case.  There have been many studies done of confidence, but what has been determined is that confidence comes from the belief that you can do something.  So here are 5 tips to building more confidence:

  1. Act Like It - if you can act confident, the act of doing so will start to cause you to feel more confident.  It’s a classic “fake it until you make it” scenario, but in this case it works!
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  2. Accomplish Something - give yourself a small task to accomplish for the day.  Make it something that’s simple enough that you know you will do it and then when you accomplish it for the day - acknowledge it, to give yourself validation.
  3. Know (or create) Your Values - confident people typically live by a value system.  They have a sense of what they feel is right and wrong and this helps them make decisions and to be confident in those decisions.
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  4. Look for Solutions - when it comes to problems, the easiest way to remedy the situation is to look for solutions, not focus on the problem.  This will help you foster a sense of capability because more often than not you will find a solution.
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  5. Posture - your body language isn’t just for other people, you're sending yourself signals as well.  When you change your posture it affects your thinking, this was demonstrated by Amy Cuddy a social psychologist in a TEDtalk, which you can find here.