5 Reasons to Choose Bamboo Clothing

Bamboo is considered a great choice because of it’s fast growing nature and ability to grow over much of the Earth.  Bamboo clothing is a much better choice than cotton because it uses so many less resources to become it’s final product.  Bamboo is highly renewable and naturally propagates much faster than cotton.  No fabric is perfect regarding it’s sustainability, but bamboo is a great choice because it’s a vast improvement.  

bamboo clothing

It’s not exclusively because of the environmental benefits that bamboo is a great choice, it’s also a higher performing material.  Below we have 5 major benefits of bamboo fabric.

Antibacterial - Bamboo is naturally antibacterial and this stems right from the genetics of the plant!  This effect is usually (depending on the process) passed down to bamboo clothing.

bamboo loungewear

Most eco-friendly fabric in the world - Bamboo requires less chemicals to process, it only takes ⅓ the amount of water compared to cotton to grow, it renews at an accelerated rate and it can grow in more locations around the world.

300% more absorbent than cotton - This means that bamboo fabric is more moisture wicking which is great for humid locations.

bamboo material

Wrinkle resistant - Bamboo clothing is resistant to wrinkles! Which means it’s the perfect material for work wear, lounging, travel, the beach, need I go on?

Thermal regulating - This means that bamboo can help regulate your body temperature because of the breathability of the fabric.  Bamboo is so breathable because of the molecular structure of the plant.

Bamboo clothing

There you have it! 5 reasons to think bamboo next time you’re clothes shopping, or check out our bamboo loungewear!