5 Activities for Reducing Pandemic Fatigue

After almost a year of the pandemic, it can be tiring to continue to be in lockdown again. The term “Pandemic Fatigue” resonates with many of us as we continue to do the same things day after day, causing time to blend. How can you cope with this situation in a healthy way? 

First, acknowledge that we are in a stressful situation, and it’s okay to feel overwhelmed during this time. Don’t be hard on yourself for not having a full day of activities to better yourself. Just coming out healthy during this time is a success! 

Picking some small goals during lockdown may help give structure to your day and help reduce Pandemic Fatigue. Here are 5 activities that could help you get through your Pandemic Fatigue:

pandemic fatigue tips
1. Record Your Day: Writing out, videotaping or drawing out your day can help you acknowledge goals you hope to achieve, record your process or recognize the positive impact of doing small tasks in your day. Recognizing your process lets you visualize your own success story during these times. If you are interested in bullet journalling you can read more about beginning this process HERE.5 tips for pandemic fatigue2. Control Your Media Intake: Endless scrolling on social media can have an impact on our mental health. It may make us feel unproductive or cause us to compare our experiences to others that are probably only showing the positive side of their time at home. Controlling your hours may help you be more productive with hobbies you want to start. Additionally, if you find yourself comparing your life to others, it may help to mute these people for the time being. Muting is a way to politely remove yourself from this content and does not notify the person. Remember, it’s okay to put yourself first.pandemicfatiguetips3. Meditate, Yoga or Other Physical Activity: All three are healthy ways to cope with stress, stay healthy and help sleeping patterns. Creating a Schedule may help you stay accountable for your activity and encourage you to work on goals surrounding these practices. We explain the benefits of meditation in a previous blog that you can READ HERE. Additionally, we also have a blog for 5 Home Workouts with HIIT, yoga and strength workouts. READ HERE.
pandemic fatigue
4.  Learn a New Skill: If you are looking for real change during quarantine, it may be time to learn a new skill. This skill could be something practical or something you may never do again. Learning a new skill is never a waste of time! Examples could include drawing, painting, DIY house decor, woodworking, cooking, computer programming, learning a new language, photography, knitting/sewing, finance skills, or anything else that’s accessible at home. Free or paid online courses are great for learning the basics of a new activity. Universities offer many financial, language and programming courses that are open to the public. If you don’t want to invest money into a new hobby yet, youtube is also a great resource.
5. Find New Ways to Connect with Friends Online: Game nights are perfect for increasing morale in your friend group. This could be online cards or board games. The Bunch app is a great app that combines video chat with games such as virtual pool, Monopoly, Uno, Scrabble Go, Exploding Kittens, and many more.