3 Major Benefits of a 15 Minute Daily Walk

15 minute walk benefits

We’ve all been told that walking is good for you.  It’s low impact exercise, it’s fairly easy for most, and apparently the benefits are many!  Here are three major benefits to making time for a 15 minute walk every day.

walking benefits

Better Sleep - a light walk in the evening can help you get a better night’s sleep, even more so than those who exercise intensely.  This is because, according to one study, exercise boosts the releases of sleep related hormones, including melatonin.

15 minute walk health

Longer Life - This one is a multi-faceted benefit.  Walking actually helps with several health benefits which in turn causes you to live a longer healthier life! Just a few of those benefits are increased bone density and lower blood pressure.

15 minute health walk

Better Eyesight - Cardio exercise increases the blood flow to the retina and the optic nerve.  This means that simply by going for a short walk you are improving your vision.  

So many benefits from a short walk and now is the perfect time to be getting outside again with warmer weather on the way!