3 Easy Eco-Friendly Switches

It’s Earth Month! Here are 3 easy switches you can make to help the environment - because when we all work together big changes are possible!

  1. Makeup removing wipes are a common staple in many bathrooms and so are the little cotton pads for eye makeup removal, but you can make a super easy switch by either buying or making your own reusable makeup pads that you can wash with your laundry and reuse! 
    Eco friendly
  2. Green cleaning products are available almost everywhere now and making the switch is easy!  Next time you reach for windex in your grocery store or go for that same old laundry detergent brand looking for a more eco-friendly option!  Most stores carry multiple options that are more environmentally friendly.
    green cleaning
  3. Those flimsy produce bags can easily be replaced with a reusable option.  Even simple drawstring cotton bags will do the job, something you may already have at home!
    Eco-friendly Produce Bags

Change is easier when you start small!